Legacy Initiative Network – FAWQ

“Frequently Asked and Wondered Questions”

Who is your client?

The typical client is the top influencer in a business or non-profit. A second-tier leader such as a vice president or top executive could be a client if they have enough autonomy of authority to make decisions for their department or plant.

What is a top influencer?

The top influencer is the person who makes the highest decisions for the company or organization. He or she could be the owner, president, CEO, chairman of the board, or even a vice president or executive staff leader of an autonomous division.

Do you work with businesses to be more profitable?

We are about helping your Legacy, the people you come in contact with… people you have been given responsibility over and how you affect them through their successive generations. That is the big deal of what we are after.

How does this add value to my organization? Is there a return on investment (ROI) on this?

When a top influencer and his team begin to make a significant difference in a person’s life – their marriage, their ability to financially budget for their children’s college or retirement, their parenting effectiveness, their dreams – that person’s loyalty to and productivity for the organization increases exponentially. The employee who knows a company has their back when it comes to life beyond the vocational 40 hours will become an increased asset. The ROI is such that a Legacy strategy doesn’t cost, it pays.

Do you work with other leaders in an organization besides the top influencer?

Yes, if the other leaders have enough autonomy to make personnel and policy decisions consistent or contrary to standard organization ways and means.

How long does this process typically take? Is it something where you come in and are with them for weeks or a continual process for years?

The process is we start with the top influencer. The process of changing a paradigm is difficult and requires a commitment of boldness and tenacity. The amount of change required to change a paradigm as well as the depth of a person’s “well disguised rebellion” will determine the duration of the process. When we change that paradigm then we and the top influencer go to the next level. The next level may be understood as leadership team, vice president, board of directors, or executive level. Then we move to the management level. Until we change the paradigm at each level we don’t move forward. Once that is changed, we move to the floor level. It may take as little as three months and as much as two years.

What does my long-term Legacy look like?

It looks like multiplication! An investment in people to develop new behaviors and responsibilities as better husbands, wives, parents, neighbors, citizens, and leaders that will also themselves invest in others as they were, is a multiplication dynamic. A long term Legacy is exponential across generational lines….and within company culture.

Is there an organization size category that you work with?

There is no size limitation.

In regards to community development, are you willing to work with 501c3’s?

Yes. We work with businesses, non-profits, and others in the community.

Is there a reason I can’t do this on my own?

Because the Legacy paradigm shift is contrary to how most people – including business gurus – think about Legacy, the strategy of the process is difficult to conceive and activate. Even if by a tiny chance you could get there on your own, it’s very difficult to coach and hold oneself accountable for the duration and conclusion of the process.

How do you identify this inner unrest? How do you help someone who has this inner unrest discomfort?

We’re looking to empower the top influencer by helping them to draw out from themselves an understanding and identification of the challenge and the resources, behavioral changes, and strategies to meet the challenge. The result is a recalibrated, focused, and motivated new direction of life mission.

 What is an inner unrest?

An inner unrest is an unsettledness of the heart – a gnawing in your soul – that something is not quite right. Once you’ve examined yourself and ruled out error or bad motivation in your life, your inner unrest could be calling you to expand your influence with people… to chart a different course. It is moving from the current “good” to the future BEST.

Why does the inner unrest matter?

The inner unrest matters to the process that Legacy Initiative will take you, because unless the process takes on an inner dynamic, you will not likely take the risk to expand your influence. The paradigm shift being asked of you will not be easy, but instead fraught with distractions, obstructions, and discouragement. All of us have been at a place in our lives which we have this unexplainable shift inside of us and the thought, “Hmmm… Am I going in the right direction?” It may not make sense, especially if the company is in a state of profitability, life is a joy and everything is going great. Yet, something inside is saying, “Maybe I’m not going in the right direction… is there something more?”  That is the person we most need to work with. Understanding the genesis of this new pursuit makes it easier to keep the resolve and move forward with courage.

Many corporate leaders give money to outside services to help remove this inner unrest. What is your strategy to help them to transcend from an external focus to an internal focus?

Our reaction would be, “How is that money strategy going for you? Are you throwing money at this and is it working? Money will not make the discombobulation of your heart go away. You will need to face the source behind the Unrest and we can help you work through the confusion.

How do we start the process?

It starts with an email to Greg Getz – greg@legacyinitiativenetwork.com. A courtship of mutual benefit is begun and an agreement is reached to begin the Legacy Shape process.  From there we begin a Discovery process to determine who you are and how your design – temperament, strengths, emotional intelligence, life purpose, and so much more –  speaks to a strategy sweet spot for building a Legacy of people.

How much will this cost?

The cost depends on the range and frequency of services necessitated by the challenge and the option choices of the client.