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Proven Results

We partner your leadership team with a hand-picked coach, harnessing your expertise to ours, so that we can effectively cover every step of the journey, from the conception to it’s maturity.

The value add to my team has been exponential.

LIN’s stated mission of coaching me to use my leadership for God’s work with my team is brilliantly combined with Greg’s business experience and Annette’s strategic planning and process development skills. The value add to my team has been exponential.

Judy Van Dyke

CEO, Bennett Group Consulting, Auburn, AL


Life mapping brought breakthroughs. One was realizing the roots of my anger and poor choices in my early years of parenting and entrepreneurship.

Renee Rivera, Event Director, Washington
Community Northwest

A Pivot Point in My Life…

I met Greg Getz and Mike VanCleave seven years ago in Memphis, Tennessee. When I walked in the hotel lobby I was lost. I walked out after two days of clawing my way through the murky waters and finding a new path that has led me to an extremely fulfilling adventure.

Kevin E Beasley, Entrepreneur, Auburn, AL

Made Me Think In New Ways…

Greg Getz made me think in new ways concerning old things. This put me on a path to new and fresh discoveries. The consequences of this journey of discovery led to blessings from God that continue to enrich my life.

Don Snell, Retired Pastor, Oregon

God Revealed What Was Hidden…

It is now time for me to teach others this skill of mapping their life. During our life map we were able to work on open ended questions that provided explanations and clarity into our lives. As we worked on what was obvious, God revealed what was hidden and He revealed it through His Spirit.

Kyle Stahly, Teacher, Washington

Helping Visualize a Strategy…

Greg Getz is gifted at creating a ‘plan’ to help others visualize a strategy.

Tory Smock, Interior Designer, Arizona
Rooms for Joy

Now Able to Track Life Patterns…

The life mapping experience I received was amazing. I am now able to track patterns and understand the origins of the where’s and why’s of my life.

Talitha Green, Optical Manufacturing, Washington
Wallman Optical

Out of This World…

Greg’s coaching is really out of this world, amazing and awe-inspiring. Greg doesn’t just coach people past the things they are stuck with, nor does he coach them to the next level… Greg coaches people all the way to their maximum potential and then takes them a level or two past that. Surgical coaching? More like #InterGalacticCoaching or #BeAllYouCanBeandthenSomeCoaching!

Aaron Palmquist, Loan Broker, Tualatin, Oregon
Movement Mortgage, LLC

Just the Right Question…

Greg has been my mentor and coach for 7 years. He has an uncanny ability to ask me just the right question that will help me think deeper in order to keep my momentum going forward both personally and in ministry. One of the highlights of my life and work was learning and understanding how the parts of my personality can work together to give me more confidence in leading. Greg has been patient with me through a very difficult transition in my life and approaches coaching in a very positive way, never judgmental. I attribute much of my growth to his mentoring and coaching.

Marti Lambert, Asst Director, Indiana
Indiana Dream Center

Inspired Me To Coach…

Greg inspired me to think about what is important to ask, when should I ask, when should I wait and listen, what should I ask based on my own experience, etc. He made it fun trying to figure out THE most important elements of a person’s story. He prompted without giving away the answer.

Michelle Jones, Missionary, Washington

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Our passion is to empower the individual and team in business, organization and ministry along a life-path that maximizes the imperative and eternal value each generation leaves to the next.

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