Mike VanCleave, Legacy Coach

Mike’s childhood was turned upside down when his biological father passed away and the state of Indiana took him and three siblings from their mother. After a number of orphanages and foster care programs failed to bring a stable life, he and his brother and sisters were adopted by a family that can be best described as God’s promise of provision. From midsize inner city life to the middle of no-where northern Indiana farm country, God put into place his plan for Mike’s life.

 From that day forward, Mike became an observer as a high D, high I profile so naturally, difficulties and misunderstandings were going to be the norm. With the guidance from a disciplinarian father, who taught how to work smart, then hard and a mother who had a cunning knack in sharing fair, confronting, yet loving conversation, he began to realize the possibilities of what God had called him to be. Meanwhile, God was dealing with other issues to change an angry, hardheaded kid into someone who would fearlessly follow His call.

 Mike worked his way from a general laborer in the factory learning the ropes of business where he has held positions as a Salesman, a Buyer, a Scheduler, a Customer Service Rep, an Auditor and nearly every position in between. As he became well rounded in business knowledge the call of ministry was heard. As a student of Pastoral Leadership Institute, he began to see the effects of finding who God was in him.

 As a licensed pastor, Mike and others realized his role would not be within the churches four walls, but where he worked and lived. As part of Greg’s vision for Field USA he and his wife, then in northwest Arkansas found the challenge engaging and fresh. Misfits from across the US, all had the call and the drive, but few had direction. Greg’s dexterity of building an organic collection of ministry minded people, honing in on each person’s strengths and passions while building a network of likeminded individuals who would come together and begin a movement to reach others in their communities.

 Mike lives to show others how to reach their potential in the workplace while demonstrating how to effectively share their faith. He confronts poor life decisions and mismanaged direction to create a lifestyle that is harmonious charged and ready to tackle the next challenge.