You may be here because you are the owner of a business, the CEO of a company, or the leader of a corporate division. You may be here reading this page because you are curious or because someone sent you here.

While those reasons are well, good and conventional, we of Legacy Initiative Network hope you are here because you feel compelled to be here.

We hope you are here because there’s an inner unrest stirring in your soul, a dissatisfaction awakening your heart. We hope you’re here because you climbed to the top of world and find that you’re looking at a life “landfill” instead of the Legacy you envisioned. Instead of despairing, you realized it’s not too late to accomplish the vision of your heart.

Here is where you learn the what, how, and why of taking the initiative to strategize for a Legacy you can leave behind – something more than a wealthy portfolio and an honorable funeral. You can escape the mundane of business metrics and shift to human stewardship.

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